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Which level of service?


At the student proofreading level, your entire document will be checked for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. One of our editors will work through the whole document twice to remove all typographic errors, while your references will be checked in the main body of the document as well as your final references list/bibliography. This service is recommended for authors who feel confident about their English language usage, but would like a second pair of eyes to review their document without making any fundamental changes.

The proofreading process:

  • Removes typographic errors ✓
  • Repairs spelling, grammar and punctuation ✓
  • Ensures consistency of abbreviations ✓
  • Adjusts in-text and final references ✓
  • Reviews and adjusts table and figure labels ✓
  • Free revision of changes due to comments ✓


At the student editing level, your document will not only be proofread for inaccuracies in spelling, punctuation and grammar, but will also be developed from a style and readability perspective. Therefore, repeated terms will be substituted with appropriate synonyms, short sentences will be combined using linking structures, sentences will be rephrased where necessary, and the overall written standard of the document enhanced to the level of a native English reader’s expectations. Feedback and advice will also be given on your writing content and referencing approach, suitability of sources, etc.

The editing process:

  • Removes typographic errors ✓
  • Repairs spelling, grammar and punctuation ✓
  • Ensures consistency of abbreviations ✓
  • Adjusts in-text and final references ✓
  • Reviews and adjusts table and figure labels ✓
  • Free revision of changes due to comments ✓
  • Enhances sentence structure and syntax ✓
  • Inserts more appropriate/academic vocabulary ✓
  • Replaces repeated words with direct synonyms ✓
  • Additional comments on content and style ✓

What will I receive back from you?

Version 1: the markup

Student proofreading sample - Version 1

The first document contains all the changes marked in blue font style. Therefore, you can review and keep a record of all the edits made to the original document.

Version 2: the clean copy

Student proofreading sample - Version 2The second version has all the edits accepted, and you will only need to check the comments and take action where necessary.

“I am really grateful to Damian because he carried out the proofreading of my master dissertation in LSE. It gave me much more confidence regarding my performance. As a result I obtained a very good grade and grammar and syntax mistakes were not a problem at all.”

Alvaro MorcilloMSc student, London School of Economics, UK

“Sorry for replying so late. I have got the result of my dissertation. It is unexpected that I got 74 marks. I appreciate the works you have done. You did such a great proofreading.”

YanuriMSc student, University of Manchester, UK

“Damian provides a high quality proofreading and editing service. He is also very patient and kind to answer all of the questions. As an international student, his service really helped me a lot. In terms of the mark of my dissertation, the result (distinction) is much higher than my expectation.”

EthanMSc student, University of Sussex, UK

“I am very grateful to the quality of editing that you did on my Masters Thesis. You did a splendid job that changed the quality of my thesis. I would not have expected more than you did. My results came out on the 11th of March with an A+ in Masters Thesis.”

Tinashe MadakadzeMSc student, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

“It was really useful and efficient for me to send my papers for proofreading to English Language Centre as I always receive my documents on time and without any error. I feel that I was really lucky that I could find English Language Centre.”

MPhD candidate, Salford University, UK

“The service was very helpful and quick. Thanks for the all proofreading I’ve received, I completed my masters and I got the distinction with my dissertation.”

MarikoMSc student, University of Sussex, UK

I want to submit my document

If you would like to use our service for assignment proofreading, dissertation proofreading or thesis proofreading, or you are interested in writing development through our student editing service, then please contact us or send your file in Microsoft Word format to info@englishlc.com. In the email indicate the speed of completion required, whether you want student proofreading or student editing, and whether you want the process to follow British or American English spelling conventions. Once we have received your document we will send you confirmation by email stating the fee, and detailing the date and time for return of the completed document.