PhD candidate, British University in Dubai, UAE

“My supervisor was very impressed with the proofreading. We must thank, value, and appreciate those of the professional work who do the work with passion and honesty.”

Researcher, Birmingham City Business School, UK

“Thank you for sending the formatted manuscript. I really appreciate it. I take note of your comments.”

MSc student, University of Manchester, UK

“Sorry for replying so late. I have got the result of my dissertation. It is unexpected that I got 74 marks. I appreciate the works you have done. You did such a great proofreading.”

British Council, Vilnius, Lithuania

“I wanted to thank you for really great editing services you provided to our British Council partners.”

MSc student, University of Sussex, UK

“The service was very helpful and quick. Thanks for all the proofreading I’ve received, I completed my masters and I got the distinction with my dissertation.”

PhD candidate, University of Huddersfield, UK

“Just arrived back in Saudi Arabia and would like to express my deep thanks for your efforts. Your linguistic input have positively influenced my thesis. Highly appreciated.”

MSc student, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

“I found your service to be very helpful and of quality. It had improved the language of my thesis to fit the academic requirements. It added a lot of value to my Masters thesis and I have already recommended your service to our next batch of students before I left Japan.”

Researcher, Center Marc Bloch, Germany

“Thank you very much for editing my proposal. It was even faster than expected!”

BSc student, University of Bolton, UK

“I would like to say thank-you to Damian for the excellence and accuracy of the amendments on my dissertation, which was superb. As I have dyslexia I don’t actually notice my punctual or spelling errors, using this service was a real eye opener. As well as ironing out my work, it helped me to realise where I could improve. I recommend anyone submitting work to use this service, as it helps to make your work beautifully readable and extremely close to perfect! In the grammatical sense.”

MSc student, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

“It really help me a lot, using the service provided by English Language Centre to proofread my M.Sc. dissertation. Damian as a Senior Editor in ELC has helped me a lot ‘solve’ some grammatical, structures and writing errors of my final works. The process is very quick and the documents were sent back to me just in time like the appointed date. In result, I got better score then I expected. Thank you Damian and ELC for the help.”

MSc student, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

“Damian is such a patient, kind, and humble proofreader. He helped me to proofread my assignments and dissertation. And even when I sent it close to deadline, he always return the paper a couple of days before submission date. I really amazed and satisfied with the result. Since I came from English Non Speaking countries, off course I need help from proofreader to check my grammar. I feel so fortunate to meet Damian, because I obtain good mark for grammar in my dissertation.”

PhD candidate, University of Huddersfield, UK

“As always, your efforts are highly appreciated. You were more than an editor. Your words, advice, and suggestions were all sincere and of great help.”

MSc student, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

“The proof reading was excellent. It was more than what I expected. I will definitely send my PHD thesis to you as well.”

MSc student, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

“I am very grateful to the quality of editing that you did on my Masters Thesis. You did a splendid job that changed the quality of my thesis. I would not have expected more than you did. My results came out on the 11th of March with an A+ in Masters Thesis. Actually that was my first time sending a document for editing. I usually do everything myself. But after your editing, i realised that its always necessary to have proof reading. Thank you so much.”

Researcher, University of Brighton, UK

“Thank you so much. I have just beat the submission deadline by 9 mins. If it comes back for further corrections, I hope you could be of further assistance.”

MSc student, University of Liverpool, UK

“I am so pleased that get a good mark on my dissertation. I think part of it is because Damian has helped me in proofreading it. I could not be more grateful that my friend has recommended me to use this service. Therefore, without doubt, I also highly recommend English Language Centre to my friends. Thanks a lot, Damian. Best Wishes.”

PhD candidate, University of Warwick, UK

“Thank you very much again, sincerely! The final thesis submission is the final step to process the PhD journey on my side. It’s lucky that you continue providing your superior assistance for this time-consuming (& could be a boring) process!”

MSc student, London School of Economics, UK

“I am really grateful to Damian because he carried out the proofreading of my master dissertation in LSE. It gave me much more confidence regarding my performance. As a result I obtained a very good grade and grammar and syntax mistakes were not a problem at all. I appreciated that Damian was very fast and accurate with his suggestions and comments. When the deadline is coming soon this kind of things are priceless. I have recommended this service to other friends of mine, and all of them are positively surprised with the quality of the service and its competitive cost.”

Researcher, Southern Medical University, China

“I wish everything goes well with you. The article that we submitted to The Spine Journal has been accepted, due to your help with language editing.”

MSc student, The University of Manchester, UK

“This proofreading service was really helpful for me. My master dissertation was dramatically improved thanks to it. Damian, my proofreader is very kind and patient as well as professional. His work is prompt, accurate, and careful. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is eager to improve his/her papers.”

MSc student, Swansea University, UK

“I was extremely happy with this service, I found the attention to detail and quality of proof read excellent, and the communication over this period was very supportive and prompt which really helped with the anxiety of getting everything done at an already stressful time. I would highly recommend this service, I don’t know how I would have passed my MSc in Social Research with out it!”

PhD candidate, Salford University, UK

“It was really useful and efficient for me to send my papers for proofreading to English Language Centre as I always receive my documents on time and without any error. I feel that I was really lucky that I could find English Language Centre.”

MBA student

“As an international student in business school, I am expected to demonstrate analysis in both academical and business context. English Language Centre really helps me to articulate my ideas in academic and professional English.”

PhD candidate, Durham University, UK

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PhD candidate, Manchester Business School, UK

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MSc student, Manchester Business School, UK

“I couldn’t be more appreciate about Damian’s help to my dissertation. I really enjoy work with him cause he is such a patient, careful, and hard-working proofreader. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you very much for all your work.”

ACCA accountant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you on a job extremely well done by ELC on my final dissertation for University. The result was far superior to my expectations in quality, price, service and turn-around time. They had helped me with grammar points, text comprehension and structure. Perfect!”

Art therapist, The Wellspring, Stockport, UK

“ELC has recently proof read a book I have created for The Wellspring, a charity for homeless people in Stockport, England. I am more than happy to recommend them, a prompt service and friendly, approachable staff.”