Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked. If your query is not listed here, then please check our Terms of Service or contact us for further details.

Before you place an order:

Only if you convert the document to a PDF file and send us that document. We will convert the file to MS Word format and complete the work using the “Track Changes” feature. It will then be your responsibility to transfer all the changes into the original LaTex document.

It is important to note that PowerPoint does not allow the tracked changes to be visually saved. Comments can be saved, but all the changes in the slides are accepted on save. The only way to view the changes is to open the original version of the presentation, select Review >> Compare, navigate to the proofread or edited version of the presentation and then select Merge. Now, a Revisions window will open in the sidebar and for every slide you can see a summary of the changes for the respective parts of the slide. Click on each summary for a detailed breakdown. More information is available here.

Usually this is not necessary, but at times of peak demand such as dissertation proofreading in August/September, you are advised to contact us in advance to notify us of your request and reserve a fixed slot for the work to be completed within your required time frame.

Your Microsoft Word or Open Office document can either be sent as an attachment to, or you can attach and send it through the contact form.

Yes, the minimum fee for any request is £8.

There is a fixed charge of £7.50 per page for proofreading CVs, and £15 per page for editing CVs.

Many publishers, institutions or journals stipulate a maximum acceptable limit of similarity (X%), above which the submission will be rejected. Therefore, it is essential for the author to ensure that prior to submission, this maximum plagiarism level has not been surpassed. We offer a document paraphrasing service for the reduction of similarity scores to help overcome this issue.

If you require the urgent proofreading or editing service, then please contact us before placing your order. This is important so we can assess your request and guarantee that we can complete and return the document to you before your deadline.

We can increase or decrease your word count to make sure that you stay within your assignment or dissertation guidelines. Please contact us for further details.

Track Changes is a feature of Microsoft Word that allows an editor to make changes to your document. All the changes are recorded, so you stay in complete control of your document. You can see the process in action here.

After you place an order and send your document:

Once we have received your document and details regarding the level of service and completion time, we will send you an email to confirm that we have your document, and that we will return it on a certain day and no later than a certain time.

One of our native speaking editors will work on your document. They are all graduates, and have many years of experience proofreading and editing scientific, academic and non-academic documents.

Yes, your documents will be encrypted and stored on a password protected server, while the computers used to carry out the editing all run the latest security software.

After you receive back your completed documents:

You will receive back two documents: your-filename 1.docx and your-filename 2.docx. The first document has all the changes marked up in blue font style. Therefore, you can review, accept or reject any of the edits that have been made. The second document is the clean working copy, and you will only need to check, action and then delete any comments that have been made.

If time is short, then you should concentrate on reviewing and actioning the comments first and foremost, as your editor will make a point of leaving comments for your attention where there is any uncertainty over the text insertions or deletions. Ideally you should read carefully through the whole document, noting and verifying all the edits that have been made.

Yes, a review is included in the price. If you want us to check the changes you make as a result of the comments you receive, then please return the document with the text highlighted so it can be clearly identified.

After you have checked and taken action in response to the comments in Version 2, you can delete each comment by right clicking and selecting “Delete Comment”, or by going to the MS Word menu and selecting “Review” >> “Delete” >> “Delete all Comments in Document”.

If you find that spaces are missing between some of the words in your proofread or edited document, this is not a mistake by your proofreader, as he/she reviews your document twice to remove every one of these type of errors. This is a known issue with Microsoft Office 2007.

We use Office 2016 to edit your documents, and the problem of missing spaces can arise for clients using Word 2007 when they open their returned document. The solution? Ensure you have the current updates for Office installed. Specifically, ensure that you have Office 2007 Service Pack 3 installed.

We make every effort to ensure you are fully satisfied with the service. In the unlikely event that you have a concern, we will deal with this promptly and effectively, and take whatever steps are necessary to resolve this. Your satisfaction is our priority.


You have two choices. Either 1) make payment in full when you place your order, or 2) pay a 20% deposit and forward us official correspondence from your university using your university/institutional email account. If you prefer option 2, then the balance of 80% must be paid no later than 14 days after you receive back the completed documents.

Payment can be made either by direct bank transfer, through PayPal as an account holder (or as a guest using your credit/debit card), or by Payoneer. More details are available on the payment page.

Please follow these steps to process the payment through PayPal:

1. Click the PayPal link here or on the website payment page.

2. In the left-hand PayPal column under Order Payment insert a) your description: (e.g. Your name – proofreading 3,500 words), b) your item price: (e.g. £27.67, and c) select Update.

3.1 If you have a PayPal account then in the right-hand column complete your login details under Pay with my PayPal account and process the payment.

3.2 If you do not have a PayPal account then in the right-hand column complete your payment under Pay with a credit or debit card.

Under UK taxation law, English Language Centre is not required to apply UK VAT to purchases of proofreading or editing services. However, from 1st July 2021, we must apply VAT to private EU customers (not businesses) based on the VAT rate of their country of residence (e.g. Czech Republic: 21%; France: 20%; Poland: 23%). This only applies to private EU customers, and EU businesses will not be affected provided that they can supply a valid VAT number. This change is based on EU measures to modernise VAT for cross-border e-commerce, with more information available here.

Yes, PayPal protects UK buyers of services for up to 180 days after payment has been made.

The client is responsible for the payment of all bank transfer charges. Although UK and European bank transfers incur no transaction charges, our bank levies a £6 charge for all international bank transfers received that are over £100. Please take this into account when making international transfers, as well as any additional charges that are levied by the sending bank, and ensure that the final amount that is deposited after the transfer is the quoted fee.