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Before you place an order:

Can you work with LaTex documents?
Do I need to make a reservation?
How do I send my document?
Is there a minimum fee?
What do you charge for proofreading and editing CVs?
What if I am worried about the level of plagiarism in my document?
What if I want the urgent 12 or 24 hour service?
What if my word count is too high or too low?
What is Microsoft Word's Track Changes?


After you place an order and send your document:

How will I know you have received my document?
Who will proofread or edit my document?
Will you keep my files safe?


After you receive back your completed documents:

What will I receive back after proofreading or editing?
What can/should I check?
Can you review the changes I make due to the comments?
How do I delete the comments?
Can you explain the spacing issues I'm seeing in Word documents when using Microsoft Office 2007?
What if I am not satisfied with the service?



When and how do I pay?
Can you help me with the PayPal payment process?
What about international bank transfers?
Is my PayPal payment protected as a buyer of services?