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At English Language Centre we understand how important it is to project your business in a professional manner. The language you use to present and operate your company is fundamental to creating the right impression. By using our business service you can ensure that your letters, web and hard-copy content are presented in clear, effective and error-free language. We will carry out a detailed search to remove any typographic errors, make adjustments to your language structure where necessary and repair punctuation errors. All the content is edited through the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word, giving you total control to accept or reject the changes made. The business service also offers the possibility to improve your content through editing, where we develop your text in greater depth to ensure that it is fit for purpose from an English language perspective. This option is often selected by English as a second language authors who are less confident in their English language ability.

What will I receive back from you?

Version 1: the markup

The first document contains all Business proofreading: version 1the changes highlighted in blue font style. Therefore, you can review and keep a record of every edit made to the original document.

Version 2: the clean copy

The second version has all the Business proofreading: version 1edits accepted, and you will only need to check the comments and take action where necessary.

I want to submit my document

If you would like us to proofread or edit your document, then please contact us or send the file in Microsoft Word format to info@englishlc.com. In the email indicate the speed of completion required, whether you want business proofreading or editing, and whether you want the proofreading/editing process to follow British or American English spelling conventions. Once we have received your document we will send you confirmation by email stating the fee, and detailing the date and time for return of the completed document.