Document formatting

Document formatting can be a challenging task, and sometimes there is not enough time to learn how to resolve a small but significant formatting issue before the deadline for a document arrives. With this in mind, we offer a document formatting service to ensure that you do not become side-tracked from the more important work of completing the document content. As long as your document has been created using Microsoft Word, we can quickly and effectively modify your formatting to your specific requirements.


Resolving your formatting issues:


Adjust heading font style/type/size for continuity ✓
Adjust in-text style/type/size for continuity ✓
Adjust line and paragraph spacings ✓
Create dynamic tables of contents/figures/tables ✓
Custom headers and footers ✓
Format a document to journal submission guidelines ✓
Format a document to referencing guidelines ✓
Insert different page ranges ✓
Insert and style footnotes ✓
Replace smart quotes with straights quotes ✓

Fix any other formatting issues in the document ✓


The document formatting fee is nominally £3 per 1,000 words, although for extensive formatting projects that include a large number of issues, or a several large issues, this fee may need to be negotiated.To include document formatting in your quotation please select formatting on the quotation form.