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Student proofreading

Student proofreading repairs all grammar, vocabulary, syntax and punctuation issues to ensure the submission of error-free content. In-text and final referencing are also adjusted, while supporting comments are provided where necessary. Standard student proofreading is charged at £8/1,000 words.


Student editing

Student editing includes proofreading the text, and then develops the language used through the inclusion of direct synonyms, more appropriate vocabulary, complex sentence structures, and sentence rewrites. Deeper feedback on content is offered, with standard student editing charged at £16/1,000 words.


Instant quote

Already know what type of support you are looking for? Then use our quotation form to receive an instant proofreading or editing quotation based on the type of service, length of document and speed of completion required. Discounts are available for new clients and recommendations, with quotations offered in GBP (£).


Scientific proofreading

Scientific proofreading prepares scientific papers and journal article submissions by repairing all grammatical, lexical, punctuation and syntactic errors within the document, with comments provided where necessary. This service is for authors who are confident of their English usage.


Scientific editing

Scientific editing includes proofreading the text, and then develops the language used through the inclusion of direct synonyms, more appropriate vocabulary, complex sentence structures, and where necessary, sentence rewrites. Deeper feedback on content is also provided.


Document formatting

Document formatting resolves issues within Microsoft Word formatted texts including table and figure alignment, page range sequencing, insertion of footnotes, changes in page orientation, and the formatting of documents to prescribed institutional guidelines (e.g. APA, Harvard, OSCOLA).


This proofreading service was really helpful for me. My master dissertation was dramatically improved thanks to it. Damian, my proofreader is very kind and patient as well as professional. His work is prompt, accurate, and careful. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is eager to improve his/her papers.

Mitsu: MSc student, The University of Manchester

The quality of my dissertation has been improved by the proofreading service provided by Damian. I already graduated last week thanks to Damian. I really enjoyed work with him because he is patient. I also thank my friend. She advice me to contact with this English Language Centre.

Gaballa: PhD candidate

I am really grateful to Damian because he carried out the proofreading of my master dissertation in LSE. It gave me much more confidence regarding my performance. As a result I obtained a very good grade and grammar and syntax mistakes were not a problem at all.

Alvaro Morcillo: MSc student, London School of Economics

Most common when reaching the writing up phase of postgraduate research one would have to put up with all the stress, anxiety, worries etc. and finally submit the outcome of years of hard work in the best form. I certainly managed to successfully pass this tough stage with the help of ELC.

Farag Muhamed Farag: PhD candidate, Manchester Business School, UK