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The quality of my dissertation has been improved by the proofreading service provided by Damian.i already graduated last week , big thanks to Damian . I really enjoy work with him cause he is such a patient. I also thank my friend she advice me to contact with this English Language Centre.
Gaballa: PhD Accounting

   For all your proofreading requirements:

  • Student proofreading
  • Student editing
  • Assignment proofreading
  • Dissertation proofreading
  • Thesis proofreading
  • Scientific proofreading
  • Scientific editing
  • Business proofreading
  • Business editing
  • Document formatting


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Student proofreading will review the language use in your assignment, dissertation or thesis from £8 per 1,000 words. We will carry out a detailed analysis and repair of your grammar, vocabulary, syntax and punctuation so that after the student proofreading process is complete, your document’s content will be polished and error-free. Your referencing style will also be checked and adjusted where appropriate, and comments made if your meaning is unclear.

Student editing will develop the English usage of your assignment, dissertation or thesis from £16 per 1,000 words. As well as conducting a detailed analysis and repair of your grammar, vocabulary, syntax and punctuation, the student editing process develops your document from an English language perspective by including more appropriate academic terms, replacing repeated words, linking sentences and enhancing the overall readability of your document.

Scientific proofreading will enhance your scientific papers and articles prior to submission by reviewing your English usage and repairing all grammatical, lexical and syntactic errors within the document.

Scientific editing will develop your writing style further through the use of target synonyms, more appropriate lexical terms, inclusion of linking structures to develop more complex sentence structures, and where necessary, sentence rewrites.

Business proofreading will ensure that your website, promotional material, company software or documentation can be presented in clear, clean and concise English. We can also proofread and develop your CVs, covering letters, application forms, etc.

Document formatting will resolve all formatting issues within your document such as the alignment of tables and figures, page numbers running concurrently, chapter and section headings flowing sequentially, consistent font styles and sizes, footnotes inserted or the formatting of an entire document to APA/Harvard guidelines.


“I am really grateful to Damian because he carried out the proofreading of my master dissertation in LSE. It gave me much more confidence regarding my performance. As a result I obtained a very good grade and grammar and syntax mistakes were not a problem at all.”

(Alvaro Morcillo: MSc student)


* New clients are eligible for a 10% discount on their first proofreading order.



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